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Poster: skybandit Date: Oct 19, 2009 8:51am
Forum: texts Subject: COPYRIGHTED comic books here!

Browsing for PD comic book scans of the Golden Age, I was shocked to find so much copyrighted material here on the Archive. You folks HAVE to double-check your comics uploads!
Jimmy Olsen may be a PD character due to his introduction via radio programs, but Jimmy Olsen comics CANNOT be PD! DC is the comic world's version of Disney, and has quite anal retentively renewed every copyright and trademark they've ever had since the 30's, and claim many characters they have no legal right to.
The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet are licensed from Fran Stryker, and their comics can't be PD either.
These are just a few examples. I have emailed some of the posters, but they haven't removed the offending material. Best get on the ball, before trouble comes to us all!

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Poster: garthus Date: Oct 20, 2009 3:03pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Copyright; Moral and Ethical Realities:

Copyright; Moral and Ethical Realities:

Yes, I am quite sure that some of these comics are still under copyright; I have put up comics:

And have carefully checked to the best of my ability, their copyright status. That being said; I do not recognize the current copyright statutes as being in any form a moral or ethical necessity. They in no way encourage creativity since creativity never was and still is not, a function of material compensation. I have created tens of thousands of pages of documents and have never placed a restrictive copyright upon them. Whether I am paid or not, does not in one bit influence what I have written or will continue to write (at least consciously). As far as the other so-called creators are concerned; D.C. Comics rarely created anything. They grew by buying up the products of the sweat and labor of many small companies and individuals. Actually they missed the boat on copyrighting some of the stuff they now own; but would never make that information available to the public.

What the archive can and should do is to take the questionable materials and archive them off line until they can get a clear understanding of their status. In any case we (the Archive) does not generate revenue from these materials, so they are not really taking money from the owners. There actually are many comics available which are in the public domain and I will be setting up a Collections Page for them. Yes, ethically, we must follow the law; and ultimately, D.C. Comics is not losing any revenue by the posting of Comics published in the 1950's; but human-kind is the loser when Copyright Statutes are manipulated by large Corporate entities in order to maximize their revenue streams. Paying for creative works is no different than paying for a prostitute, the only difference is in the case of D.C. Comics; the prostitutes are legalizing their profession by bribing the people responsible for writing our laws. (Politicians, who themselves resemble prostitutes in the halls of congress).


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Oct 19, 2009 11:39pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: COPYRIGHTED comic books here!

While I dont know enough about this particular copyright issue to make my own judgement, I have been outspoken (I feel) about the need for protection of works of art, otherwise the creators are going to stop creating.

While the copyright laws really are outdated and dont help the little man one bit, the copyright owner of the comics in question, does seem to have enough cash to be able to take legal action, to enforce their rights. I.E, the side with the most cash, and willing to spend to buy lawyers, generally "owns" the copyright.

And the terms of use on the Internet Archive are NOT outdated, they plainly say "No copyrighted material, unless you, the uploader have either the ownership of the copyright, or permission of the copyright owner."

The reason for this rule, is to protect the Internet Archive from legal liability, which could bring down the whole Archive, so the rest of us, no longer have the use of this free resource.

1, I suggest that the uploaders of said material, consider their obligations to the Archive and their personal liability. (The Terms of use do make the uploader personally libel, by transferring any liability to the uploader should legal action be taken against the Archive. The uploader signals agreement, merely by uploading the material) The uploader did read the terms of use before uploading?

2, I remind Archive members, that if you believe there is a breach of copyright, you just need to email and have their legal advisers review the material and copyright.

3, There is also the option of advising the entity or people whom you feel might still own the copyrights, they will quickly have the Archive remove the material if they feel they have a legal right to ownership.

4, There are other places where people can upload material they don't own, the Internet Archive is not such a place.

5, No fair saying you have not been warned now.

So, anybody at fault, please quickly remove said material, so the Archives reputation remains untarnished.


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Poster: skybandit Date: Oct 21, 2009 1:01pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: COPYRIGHTED comic books here!

The fact that legalized Marijuana is something that's supported by a majority of Americans doesn't change the fact that I'll get busted if I puff it in front of a cop.
I agree that corporate greed drives the formation of restrictive copyright and trademark laws, but right or wrong, it's illegal to misrepresent copyrighted material as being in the public domain. Not the Archive's fault; they're busy folks and can't check every single item uploaded, hence the terms of use that will keep them out of trouble. (I have contacted them, Time Traveller, and was hoping my post might shake the tree a bit to knock down some bad apples) The fact that "political prostitutes" would charge us for air if they could figure out a way to meter it is neither here nor there, Garthus, although I appreciate your attitude concerning these. Of our 545 rulers (President, Senators, Representatives and Supreme Court Judges), over 40% are lawyers, and lawyers are just whores paid to fuck the other guy!